How to Succeed in Smooth Management of Multiple Restaurants?

Feb 4, 2020 5:48:48 PM
Customer Story

Juls, United Kingdom

We were constantly facing the same issues that prevented the smooth management and control of multiple restaurants located far apart.

The Problem​

Smooth Control of Four Different Restaurants

  • Owning and controlling four different restaurants in the United Kingdom: we found it really disrupting to organise the whole workflow from a distance (being constantly present in all of them is obviously not possible).
  • Our team members were doing their best to record all of the phone bookings in our reservation books. Our inefficient computer programs also meant that we were unable to observe the current occupancy and flow of all the various restaurants when we weren’t present at the location.
  • We know that advance monitoring is crucial to predict upcoming workflow. Unfortunately, as we weren’t able to see the awaiting flow in all of our restaurants, we were facing constant issues when trying to order the proper amount of ingredients. The same issues occurred when we were putting together schedules and trying to staff the kitchen and dining areas effectively.
The Solution

An Advanced Online Table Reservation System

We started using the Tablein reservation system which allows us to observe and monitor the workflow of all our restaurants from anywhere in the UK, and the world. Whether we need to monitor one of our restaurants from another city, or if we’re spending time on holiday abroad, we are now able to keep up to date with all our restaurants, observing real-time situations and data.

The Result

87% More Effective Control of All Our Restaurants

  • When we are present in one of our restaurants, we can easily observe the situation in the others. If urgent matters arise, we can immediately find out about it online and head over to the location where we’re needed.
  • Knowing the advance workflow for all of our restaurants means that we can now order the proper amount of food ingredients that we need for the preparation of dishes. We’re so happy that our waiting staff hardly ever have the need to say “Unfortunately, we don’t have this dish today”, anymore.
  • We can effectively plan the staff schedule and required number of team members for each day. If there is a special event or big group reservation, then we can prepare for it in advance by increasing the number of employees in the kitchen as well as in the dining hall.
  • Now we’re able to stay in control of all the restaurants, not only when we’re on site in one of them, but also when we’re away in another city, or even abroad. We never have to feel far away from our business!
  • If a guest who is presently enjoying his time in one of our restaurants wants to make a reservation in another one then we don’t have to waste time on phone calls, turning notebook pages, and handwriting. We can easily connect to our collective reservation system, check the availability, and immediately place as well as confirm the reservation. In case the preferred restaurant is fully booked then we can offer a table and time in another one!
  • If any changes in reservations occur (to the time, number of guests, food preferences), then we can easily note them straight down in the system by ourselves. This helps our waiting staff a lot, when they are serving guests down the hall during busy hours.

Top Tips by Juls

  • If you own more than one restaurant, implement the Tablein online reservation system in all of them.
  • The automatic reservation system significantly contributes to smooth and efficient workflow so you should try to remind your guests about the opportunity of booking online in every communication!

Juls experience sounds familiar? Control multiple restaurants more effectively by implementing advanced Tablein system.