The first reservation was made in our own restaurant

Years ago, we decided to develop a reservation system to help restaurants maximize profits the way we did.

As a small restaurant owner, you may encounter the same management hassles that we have experienced.

If you find your team spending too much time answering phone calls and replying to emails, regularly losing money on no-shows, lacking as many client reviews as you’d like, consider a proper tool to help you get rid of these challenges.
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Trusted by restaurants, bars and clubs in over 50+ countries

An awesome product built by an awesome team

We strongly believe in the power of simplicity, advocating for a clean design without unnecessary features. Our sole focus is on creating something our customers will love, enabling them to be smart, efficient, and fully booked to not only survive but also thrive!

Our headquarters are located in Lithuania, a country with one of the most influential IT technology sectors in the world, alongside other global innovators such as IBM, Oracle, Bentley, Unity, Adform,, Kayak, and

My name is Paulius, the founder and CEO of Tablein. I co-owned several small yet award-winning restaurants. Thus, the launch of the system was inspired by our own need to reduce costs, increase guest capacity, and save lots of time on repetitive daily tasks. And, we succeeded. Effective restaurant management was key to our success, and in just three years, three restaurants grew to eight.

Now, we assist small restaurants in over 50 countries worldwide in becoming more efficient every day.

Our Tablein solution can help you remove hassle and boost growth, saving you time that can be spent with your family and friends.
Paulius from Tablein

CEO & Founder