Roadmap 2023-2024

Tablein new functions and features coming soon for your restaurant

Tablein table reservation system includes all features in all plans. No matter how small or large your business, you will always have full features included. 

Released on July 2023
First Waiting list edition

This feature enables adding phone reservations to a waiting list, tracking preferred time. When time slots open up, you can confirm with the client. SMS can also include a cancellation link if needed

  • New reservation status "Waiting list"
  • Customisable SMS messages
  • Easy to change to "Confirmed"

Released on July 2023
August 2023
New Widget Design 

Introducing our revolutionary online booking widget - where speed, modernity, and endless possibilities. 

  • Wider design with fresh and vibrant colors 
  • Improved display of available times by dining room
  • Option to customize accent colors to match your brand
August 2023
August 2023
Reserve with Google

First "Google Starter" integration edition allows easily integrate reservation link directly from the system.

  • First Google integration release
  • Includes "Find a table" button
  • Get more reservations from Google


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August 2023
August 2023
Dark widget version

New widget dark theme created for dark websites. Easy to adjust colors to fit your exact brand colors.

  •  Ideal for dark-themed websites
  • Option to adjust accent colours 
  • Enhanced visibility in low-light environments
August 2023
August 2023
Widget for all your locations

Introducing our enhanced multi-widget feature! Now, easily add restaurants from different accounts under the same widget. 

  • New widget step to select your other venues
  • Easily add locations from different accounts
  • Automatically suggest reservations in other locations when fully booked
August 2023
August 2023
Experiences and offers

Upgraded function, now offering select experiences, discounts, special events, and deposits. The new description field for a introduction.

  • Updated widget design including description
  • New type "Experiences"
  • More information for guests

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August 2023
August/September 2023
Updated personal website

Exclusive website solution for restaurants without their own website. Effortlessly add images, feature lists, descriptions, and an integrated widget for smooth bookings. 

  •  Updated page a refreshed look
  • The new Experiences and offers section 
  • The page includes a new widget 
August/September 2023
October 2023
Updated reservation modal

New advanced modal for internal work. Three tabs for reservation details, guest details and feedback.

  •  Separated reservation and guest parts for more information
  • Add additional information for guests including photo
  • Overview and reply to feedback
guest ptof
October 2023
September/October 2023
Final Reserve with Google integration

This update allows to book a table directly from Google search and maps. Real time availability check and notifications.

  • Final Google End-to-End Integration
  • Reserve a Table button
  • Available to book directly on Google Maps
September/October 2023
Q3 2023
Updated settings

An improved user interface with new side menus, enhanced settings, and additional features.

  • A new side menu for the reservations providing more screen space.
  • The enhanced design of the settings for a better and more user-friendly experience.
  • Discover additional features and a clearer sequence.
Q3 2023
October 2023
Expanded booking policy

New feature to highlight restaurant rules and provide essential information for guests. Available in multiple languages for seamless communication.

  • Highlighted information 
  • Easy to add with on/off selection
  • Full information before contact details
widget with maximum infon
October 2023
October 2023
Update: Amend reservations

New feature allows to edit reservation - change time, number of guests directly through the widget. Widget will show available options for changes.

  • Change time and guest count directly
  • Access specialized page via SMS and email notifications
  • Easy reservation cancellation if needed
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October 2023
Q 3 2023
Updated notifications settings

Improved email and SMS notifications enable easier text editing, featuring a code editor for automatic text placement.

- Refreshed design
- Better notifications selection
- Enhanced notifications editor

Q 3 2023
In progress
Email desgins

Introducing our enhanced guest email designs. We've added more reservation info, cancel and edit buttons, and a vibrant, modern look with the restaurant logo and images.

  • Updated email designs for guests
  • Refreshing look with selected widget colors
  • Restaurant logo and images to make it more personalized
In progress
Q4 2023
New search tool

Upgraded reservation filter and search! Now, easily search through all reservation history with new innovative filters, including comments, paid amount, and dining rooms. 

  • New search across all history
  • Innovative filter options (comments, paid amount, dining rooms)
  • Export and print functionalities for convenience
Q4 2023
Q4 2023
Reservation list update

Access more information like selected offers, paid amounts, and booking tags, all displayed in a clear and organized format.

  •  Updated design with comprehensive information
  • New filter option for easy sorting
  • Clear reservation details, including tags

Q4 2023
Mobile version update

A brand-new mobile version and app, packed with exciting features! Enjoy an expanded mobile menu for easier navigation, a scrollable full calendar view, and quick action buttons. Plus, now you can conveniently send reservations to a printer.

  • Expanded mobile menu for improved navigation
  • Scrollable full calendar view for better planning
  • Quick action buttons for seamless interactions

Mobile 362
Q3 2023
NEW guestbook

Oour innovative and completely new Guestbook design, featuring main reports, an expanded guest profile, and game-changing filters.

  • Expanded guest profile with additional information
  • Introducing the new filter option
  • Customize columns
Q3 2023
Q3 2023
New Feedback list

Introducing our updated feedback list design with cutting-edge features.

  • Completely revamped design for a fresh experience
  • New filter and sort options for better organization
  • Print and export filtered results for your convenience.
Q3 2023
Q3 2023
Feedback: reply to comment

Introducing our latest feature for seamless feedback management.

  • Easily reply to comments privately (send emails) or publicly
  • Reply directly from the reservation modal for convenience
  • Option to display your reply publicly on your website

Q3 2023
Q4 2023
User accounts

New user account options, providing greater control and flexibility.

  • Full access for complete control over all settings
  • Front house limited accounts with restricted access
  • Read-only users to view without modifications


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Q4 2023
Q1 2024
Tablein management update

We are excited to present our updated table management settings, now offering enhanced features.

  • Easily move tables between dining rooms
  • Conveniently edit tables directly from the calendar or floor plan
  • Effortlessly assign tables to floor plan layouts
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Q1 2024
Q1 2024
Floor plan update

Mew floor plan set up page featuring layouts, more table options, elements and option to add/edit tables directly.

  • New layouts for a better view of your restaurant space
  • Option to easily add dining rooms and edit tables directly
  • Expanded selection of shapes and elements

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Q1 2024
Q1 2024
Waiting list: online edition

The enhanced waiting list feature for our widget. Now, guests can add themselves to the waiting list when the restaurant is fully booked.

  • Widget option enabling guests to join the waiting list
  • Flexibility to choose from additional available dates
  • Manage waiting list with customizable limits
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Q1 2024
Q3 2023
Dark system version

Introducing the new system dark mode, available for both desktop and mobile versions. Enhance visibility and user comfort during low-light and nighttime usage.

  • Switch effortlessly between light and dark modes with a quick-action button
  • Enjoy dark mode consistency across all devices
  • Experience improved visibility in various lighting conditions.
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Q3 2023
Q1 2024
Widget tracking
Discover a straightforward solution for monitoring your marketing channels and identifying their impact on reservations.

  •  Separate widget links to each channel for tracking
  • Access a brand-new reports dashboard for analysis
  • Effortlessly edit and update sources
Q1 2024
2024 Q1
Reports page

A brand reports page that offers a different guest and reservation data, real-time activities, and a modernized design.

  • Extensive data reports segmented by period 
  • Modern and appealing design that enhances user experience
  • Export and print options for convenient data sharing and reference.
2024 Q1
2024 Q4
Online ordering app

Our new food ordering and takeout app designed exclusively for internal use only. No extra hosting required means no extra costs or commissions.

  • Responsive website designs
  • Seamless installation
  • Simple to to accept food orders for delivery
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2024 Q4