How Are Worldwide Businesses Using Tablein in Different Spheres?

Feb 4, 2020 6:07:25 PM

Reservation is a common element of flow management in various types of businesses. However, aim at its smooth control requires a convenient online tool.

When it comes to choosing the reservation system, each business should always think outside the box! There might be no specific reservation system created for your niche sphere, but the one from the other field would work for you just perfectly. Tablein Customer Stories might stand as an eye-opening example!

10 Features of the Reservation System That are Critically Appealing for Various Businesses

Initially let’s make it clear why businesses are integrating the reservation systems in their business management. What are the key requirements for such tool? And, what features define an advanced reservation management? 

    1. Accurate Real-time Bookings. The reservation system is not equal to a request one. Thus, all the available dates, times and specific choices should be clearly visible on the booking calendar, and reservations – instantly confirmed. This automatic feature is extremely convenient both for the client and the service provider.
    2. Time –saving Channel Management. One of the most time-consuming, confusing and complicated tasks is to manage reservations coming from different business channels (websites, social media, apps). Thus, every reservation system must be capable of receiving the bookings from all those channels and synchronising them to a single calendar. Here’s a simple key to the smooth management and eliminated risk of overbookings.
    3. Clear Reporting. The booking calendar, occupancy rates, frequency according to the time (days/hours) or special offers, payment statuses, revenues and all the relevant data should be generated immediately and explicitly. Preferably, with just one click.
    4. Smooth Group reservation management. Many businesses report the issues emerging while managing group reservations. Fortunately, online booking systems allow to manage the reservations efficiently, saves time and eliminates the risk of mistakes.
    5. Triggering Special promotions and discounts. Despite the business sphere, discounts and promotions are always present. The reservation system, which allows the flexible display of them, is always desirable.
    6. Automatic communication. None of the reservation systems might be valued if the tool still requires additional manual work. Every communication back and forth with clients should be automated: let it be a booking confirmation, reminder or feedback request. It’s time-saving and convenient when managing not only the reservations but the business in general too.
    7. Convenient Client data management. Data about each reservation should be seen easily, and privacy requirements must remain high as well as secure. Moreover, the data should be easily accessible for all the responsible staff members (extremely important if the business is operating on a shift-change basis).
    8. Effective Workflow management. Where the business is related to people service, it is extremely important to foresee the awaiting flow and its intensity. It helps to manage the workflow, predict the required number of employees, order the necessary amount of products.
    9. One-click Prepayments. Flexible payment options are beneficial due to many reasons. They help to avoid no-shows, allow anticipating the guaranteed flow and simplify accounting. None of the clients should physically come to the place in order to make a payment. It’s such a time-saving tool for business employees! In case of force majeure situation, money could be refunded for the guest with just one click. Moreover, despite the country where the reservation system is being used, all the payments should be handled in local currency; thus, the choice must be existent.
    10. Multilingual management. Each business is willing the reservation system to be adapted to their mother tongue, so the choice of languages is critical. Moreover, the easy switch to a foreign language must be available too to become approachable for international clients.

How Tablein Meets All the Expectations of Desired Reservation System?

Tablein was specifically created for small restaurants. However, all the functions listed above are fully operating, so the tool might be easily adapted to other spheres of business too.

In order to widen the whole perspective of flexible adaptability, we represent diverse worldwide businesses, which have chosen Tablein system for their reservation management!

Origami Studio: Origami Kids Cafe, Hong Kong, China

One of the most prominent origami studios for kids in Hong Kong has chosen Tablein reservation system for their reservation management.
Their primary purpose was to smoothly control the bookings of origami classes, workshops, playdates and parties. 4 times on weekdays and 5 ones on weekends are now available to reserve online up to 30 days into the future.
Origami Kids Café positively emphasizes not only the organized reservation management but extremely efficient “Book Now” button on Facebook, linked to Tablein system too.

Ceramic Studio: Mátzalo, Sofia, Bulgaria     

Ceramic studio in Sofia is trending. People are gathering there for a creative time while designing the artistic clay pieces under professional supervision. Advance bookings are essential here, so opting Tablein for Mátzalo was crucial in their both reservation and business management. As the flow could now be foreseen, the ceramic studio can prepare decently with items and materials to always be in the best supply of choices. It is imperative both for a small reservation and a group one. Management of latter ones, let it be the birthday, team building, baby shower or individual classes, allows running the business in the smooth and organized manner. Especially if there are any changes in group size, time or date. If changes occur, the clients can easily make them online, and such modifications become immediately visible in the studio’s calendar. It’s time-saving, as no more responding to calls or replying to emails occur. Very convenient is a field of special requests too. If clients on the booking time enter any preferences, ceramic studio has time to prepare and fulfil them decently.

Sunbed rent: Kaluna Beach Club, Tenerife, Spain

This exclusive beach club in Tenerife with panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean had chosen Tablein system for their sunbed reservations. The system is being used not only for date picks but for the specific options (VIP beds, cabins and VIP areas with Jacuzzi) and easy prepayments with various payment options too. A busy and desirable place opens a chance to be booked not only by locals but by foreigners who are only planning the vacation to Tenerife too.
If any of the sunbeds or cabins are being taken by walk-in, the staff members can block this option in the system manually. As the calendar gets immediately updated, it reflects the real-time situation for the online clients.

Carriage rent: The Tea Terrace, London, UK

Afternoon tea is a classic and idyllic experience in the real British ritual. The more authentic experience is promised, the more attractive it becomes. The Tea Terrace is extremely famous for its vintage experience. Guests here are being invited to sit not only next to regular tables but in charming Cinderella-style carriages too. Using Tablein system allowed boosting online bookings for the latter ones. At the reservation moment, which could be made 24/7 from any place in the world and instantly confirmed, guest is offered to choose a fairy-tale afternoon tea in one of four The Tea Terrace locations in UK (London Victoria Street, London Oxford Street, Guildford and Cobham).
This place exploited many Tablein functions: set the fixed time for usage (1 hour and 15 min) and a maximum number of people (up to six). The usage fee which should be paid in advance at the time of booking was opted too. Moreover, they employed the option of making a so useful survey at the same booking moment (i.e., Did you know about The Tea Terrace before reading about our Cinderella carriages? Have you ever visited The Tea Terrace previously?). Moreover, Tablein allowed the smooth management of places operating in different locations. Without a need of physical presence, owners can observe the calendar of all sites and supervise their workflow from any location.

Themed Cocktail Experience: Themed Cocktail Experience, Edinburgh, UK

The company, offering the themed cocktail experience events, has chosen Tablein system for the whole management of their reservations.
Inspired by fairy-tales, books and famous TV series, it’s the only entertainment of this type in Edinburgh, so the popularity is obvious. The reservation system allows to automatically make both single and group reservations for different types of cocktail experiences for specific dates, times and locations.

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