3 Reasons Why You Don’t Need An App To Manage Your Restaurant Bookings

2 min read
Feb 4, 2020 5:52:23 PM

At Tablein, we always listen to our clients. And that’s why – when some of our free trial customers asked about a Tablein app – we considered it. However, after depth research and consultations with our long-standing clients, we decided against an app and instead will continue with our web-based system. Why? Because, although apps are everywhere at present, they don’t always work as good as a web-based tool. And this is definitely true in the restaurant booking sector.

Here’s why a web-based booking system beats an app:

  1. Automatic updates. Every digital tool needs updates, and apps are not an exception. For the best performance, it’s essential to constantly download the latest version, individually suitable for iOS, Windows and Android. Thus, you’re always pestered to take actions and take care of sufficient space on your device to store it. When using a web-based system like Tablein, updates happen without you even knowing about it. No need to click buttons and wait for the latest version – all the updating happens behind the scenes. As the system works online and isn’t actually installed on your device, you don’t have to worry about space.
  2. Access from anywhere on any device. You must download an app to any device you want to use it on. Which is fine until you lose, break the device that’s storing the app, or simply run out of battery. That could spell trouble.
    With web-based software, all you need is an internet connection: you can access the system easily and quickly on any device or computer.
  3. Greater functionality. Screens of mobile phones are smaller and don’t offer the same resolution as a computer, making it complicated to use multi-featured tools. In fact, the optimum resolution starts from 1370px, and the system works best on the Google Chrome browser. As most eateries have a computer – with a comfortably wide screen that makes it easy to accept and manage bookings – onsite, this is by far the best option for your reservation management. It’s also quick and simple to see the newest reservations on a computer screen, rather than to get immersed in all the pinging and tapping involved with an app.

You can access Tablein on tablet, phone and any other device with an internet connection. However, for maximum flexibility, functionality and performance, a desktop computer or laptop is the best – the same as for many other business management systems across lots of sectors.

Wondering how well our web-based system would work for your restaurant management? Sign up for Tablein 14-day free trial: just fill in the simple form and give us a try.