Why Restaurant Customers Love Reserving Their Tables Online

May 24, 2023 11:05:16 AM

Reserving a table may seem like a straightforward process. Just call your favorite restaurant, state your desired date and time, and you're set, right?

Think again.

What about those agonizing hours spent on hold, waiting for someone to answer? 

And when they finally do, the disappointment of learning that your preferred time and date are unavailable. 

Or that feeling of uncertainty if your order was noted down correctly?

These are just some of the frustrations your customers face when making traditional phone reservations.

So, why not simplify things and provide them with a more convenient solution?

Online reservations offer precisely that—a streamlined and hassle-free experience that not only resolves these pain points for your customers but also offers some remarkable advantages for you. 

This article will explore why customers are flocking to online reservations, seeking simplicity and convenience like never before. 

Reserving Tables Online Is Convenient

One of the primary reasons restaurant customers love booking tables online is the immediate and stress-free nature of the process.

With online reservations, the days of navigating busy phone lines or anxiously waiting for an email response are gone. 

With a few clicks on your restaurant’s webpage, social media accounts, or simply Google, customers can secure their desired table without any delay or back-and-forth communication, which can be quite stressful for many people. 

This saves them precious time and effort, making their dining experience a breeze.

To prove our point, let’s examine some statistics on online reservations. 

According to a survey by Ask Your Target Market, 47% of diners prefer online platforms for making reservations rather than calling the restaurant directly. 

Moreover, 34% said they’re more likely to choose restaurants that offer the ability to make online reservations.

Illustration: Tablein / Data: AskYourTargetMarket

This statistic highlights the growing preference for digital convenience among customers, and by implementing an online reservation system, you tap into this demand and cater to their preferences.

Online reservations are especially popular among younger generations.

TouchBistro's 2023 Diner Trends Report has shown that 37% of Gen Z and 32% of Millennials occasionally make reservations, and around 10% do it consistently. 

Source: TouchBistro

Whether it's a special occasion or just a regular outing, reservations have become an integral part of the dining experience for these younger consumers. 

While most still reach for their phones to book a table at a restaurant (on average, 73% of diners), the popularity of using the restaurant's website, Google, or a third-party app is rising among younger diners. 

Illustration: Tablein / Data: TouchBistro

But it doesn't end there. 

Online reservation systems also allow customers to book a table anytime, even outside traditional business hours. 

Imagine a potential diner browsing your restaurant's website late at night, craving an unforgettable dining experience. 

Instead of facing disappointment due to closed phone lines or unanswered emails, they can effortlessly reserve a table through your online system. 

This offers unmatched convenience and boosts customer satisfaction, significantly increasing their likelihood of choosing your restaurant over competitors.

With restaurant reservation software like Tablein, you can provide customers with the advantages we've mentioned. 

Tablein works tirelessly, 24/7, allowing customers to make reservations at any time that suits them.

Moreover, Tablein's reservation widgets can be easily integrated into your restaurant's website or social media platforms (like Facebook and Instagram), offering your customers unparalleled convenience. 

Below you can see what a typical Tablein reservation widget looks like. 

Source: Tablein

Your customers can choose the dining area where they want to be seated, party size, date, and available times. You can see all that on the right side. 

On the left side of the widget, you can write your restaurant’s booking policy and other relevant information. 

There is one more thing. We shouldn’t forget the power of Google. 

People are online six hours and 37 minutes on average every day, mainly relying on Google for their needs, so why not make your restaurant's booking available and easily visible on Google too? 

Tablein will do that for you as well. 

With simple yet reliable software like Tablein, you will ensure that reservations keep flowing effortlessly.

In conclusion, the convenience offered by online table reservations is simply unmatched. Customers crave instant gratification and the ability to secure their dining plans effortlessly. 

By embracing online reservations, you cater to their desires and position your restaurant as a modern, customer-centric establishment.

Furthermore, online reservations can bring in the younger generation and enable your restaurant to thrive in the digital age.

Customers Are Given More Control

Booking tables online grants customers a heightened sense of control, which is the second main reason why they love this option.

By providing a comprehensive overview of available dates, times, and even specific tables, online reservation systems empower customers to make decisions that align perfectly with their preferences.

Unlike the limitations often encountered with phone reservations, where customers might need to adapt or reschedule plans due to a lack of availability on the spot, online reservations ensure they can secure their desired date and table hassle-free.

This enhanced control increases customer satisfaction and fosters a more profound sense of involvement and investment in their dining experience.

And not only that—with online reservations, your customers can also add notes and comments, providing you with some extra information vital to them.

Source: Tablein

Consider a couple looking to celebrate their anniversary at your restaurant.

With online reservations, they can effortlessly browse through available dates, handpick the perfect day that aligns with their special occasion, and even select a table with a romantic view.

Adding a personalized note to the reservation allows them to inform you about the significance of the event.

For you, this presents a remarkable opportunity to go above and beyond in delivering a memorable experience.

By accommodating their specific requests, you not only meet their expectations but exceed them, resulting in happier and more loyal patrons who are more likely to leave positive reviews and recommend your establishment to friends and family.

You can see one such review in the image below.

Source: TripAdvisor

After reading this, who wouldn’t want to visit your restaurant and experience something similar? 

But there is more. 

Online reservations provide another advantage regarding control—the control over seamlessly modifying or canceling reservations.

In an ever-changing world, plans can take unexpected turns. And that’s entirely all right. 

With the flexibility offered by online reservations, customers can effortlessly make adjustments without the need for time-consuming phone calls or tedious back-and-forth communication.

This level of flexibility is highly valued by customers and contributes significantly to their overall satisfaction. 

However, you are responsible for providing them with a cancellation policy that includes clear instructions on canceling the reservation and the deadline. 

Source: The Palomar

On the business side, this will help you too.

It will reduce the number of no-shows, allowing you to fill empty tables and maximize revenue.

In summary, increasing customer control over the reservation process through online table reservations is a winning strategy. 

Empowering your diners to choose dates, times, and even specific tables for their visit creates a more engaging and personalized dining experience and enhances their satisfaction.

Online Table Reservations Are Reliable

Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling of uncertainty after a phone call, wondering if your reservation was noted appropriately? 

Well, your customers might have. 

Imagine trying to make a dinner reservation for Friday night, but the rushed conversation you have with the staff leaves you unsure if they noted down everything correctly. 

You're left with that lingering sense of doubt, contemplating whether you should call again to confirm or even consider canceling everything. 

It's an unpleasant situation to be in, to say the least.

But with online reservation systems, such doubts become a thing of the past for your diners. 

Let’s see how.

Unlike phone or email reservations, online reservations offer a reliable and consistent experience that doesn't rely on restaurant staff. 

When customers reserve online, they receive an automatic email confirmation, providing concrete evidence of their accurately recorded reservation. 

No more second-guessing or unnecessary confirmation calls.

Here is an excellent example of the software's automatic email confirmation to your diners.

Source: Tablein

The email contains information about the time and date of dining, as well as some extra details on keeping table times and contact information. 

There's more to prove the reliability of online reservations.

Plans change, and a good cancellation policy ensures diners are aware of their responsibilities, as we have previously mentioned.

But what if they forget that they’ve made a reservation in the first place?

Reliable software can send reminder emails to guests 48 hours before their visit, reducing the chances of forgotten reservations and no-shows.

Source: Tablein

While guests may not face significant consequences for no-shows, your restaurant's revenue can take a hit. 

So, to make your diners happy and protect your bottom line, you must maintain communication with your customers. 

This will ensure them that you are reliable, and they will look forward to dining with you. 

In a nutshell, online reservations eliminate uncertainty, provide proof of reservations, and offer convenient reminders, which make your restaurant reliable in the eyes of customers. 

By leveraging this technology, you will enhance the customer experience and safeguard your restaurant's success.


Customers are the lifeblood of your restaurant—the reason your doors swing open each day. Without them, your business would simply not exist. 

That's why prioritizing their satisfaction is vital.

As we have learned in this article, the convenience, reliability, and control offered by online reservations have struck a chord with people, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. 

In fact, it's the younger generation who are increasingly turning to this modern approach.

So, don't miss out on the opportunity to tap into this growing trend. 

Embrace online reservations for your restaurant, and build a loyal customer base to keep your doors swinging and your business thriving.