Boosting Conversions by Invoking the Real Power of CTA

Feb 4, 2020 6:12:32 PM

There are three magical places in the virtual reality space where your target audience gathers. Whether they are prospective clients or loyal guests, the vast majority of them read emails, use Facebook and browse the web. None of these channels should be neglected to ensure that your profit reaches it’s true potential.

According to Tablein, one of the easiest ways to draw a client’s attention is by directly inviting them to take a specific action. In the restaurant business case – make a reservation.

How To Understand CTA and Start Using it in Practice?

  • A Virtual Button That is Directly Linked to Profit​. In essence, call to action (CTA) is a crucial tool for all forms of marketing but especially useful in e-marketing. The principle and most favourable CTA that restaurants should apply is a “Reserve/Book Now” button which immediately links to an online booking form. Integrating a CTA button is more likely to encourage your customer to book and therefore turn your business a profit. A plugin like this is not only effective for sales, image and prestige. It also encourages a new habit to make instant online table reservations instead of messaging via Facebook, writing emails, and even calling the restaurant too.
  • A CTA Button Stimulates the Conversion. The integration of a “Reserve Now” action button will help to drive traffic and increase conversions for your restaurant! If you want to boost the clicks, it is essential to create awareness about the possibility of using the tool. The best way to do so is to include the button in every communication channel you use online. Let the customers know they can book or reserve directly from your web, Facebook page or a newsletter. In other words, give your guests the opportunity to convert in every communication message.

Why Do Your Guests Need a CTA Button?

Clients want the CTA’s. They even expect them. A “Reserve Now” button will make it easy for them when they are interested in taking action and the process of how they can do so is obvious – press the button.

Guests that are planning to book a table in your restaurant will be pleased with a visible and simple way to do so. Guests that have no plans to visit the restaurant (yet) might be tempted to make a decision and press that inviting button.

How to Implement a CTA Button in Two Easy Steps?

  1. Already using the Tablein reservation system and accepting online
    reservations? Continue reading from Step 2! Not currently using a reservation system? Implement an advanced and premium system such as Tablein.
  2. Create the widget button, linked to the system’s reservation form. Whether in your website, Facebook page or newsletter, implementing this button will take no more than a few minutes.

What Should a Restaurant’s CTA Button Look Like?

  • If you’re creating a “Reserve” button for your landing page, website or newsletter, you have no limits for shape, colour or text. Despite how artsy the mood might be, don’t forget that it remains a specific action-oriented tool. Make sure that your button is clear, neatly designed, noticeably placed, with easy-to-read text that comes straight to the point.
  • Facebook also offers you the opportunity to implement a “Book Now” widget button on your restaurant’s page. It’s easy, quick, and free.

TOP TIP: The shorter the text on the button and the clearer the message surrounding it, the more guaranteed conversion will be.

Consider an alternative CTA for your restaurant business too! Don’t forget that the rich target audience contact base is the key, so the optional CTA might be a newsletter subscription button on your website. That way you have the opportunity to increase your email list, and benefit from effective conversions from your emails containing the “Reserve” button.

Call your diners to book a table online by implementing Tablein system in your restaurant’s reservation management.