Here are 4 reasons why Thank you page is good for your restaurant:

Tracking and analytics

Tracking every time the Thank You page loads and displays to one of your customers allows you to have valuable information on conversions and completing actions on your website. This is really key for analytic purposes, and it allows you to measure any action where you have routed to a “thank you” page. This is a great way to find out how effective and profitable your digital advertising strategy really is. To do this, you need to paste the tracking code or tag provided by a web analytics tool like Google Analytics into your thank you page HTML.

Appreciate the reservation

It goes without saying that a thank you page must fulfil its intended purpose: thanking your guests. Be sure your message of appreciation stands out from the surrounding elements and doesn’t go unnoticed (make it your main title, use bold, larger fonts, etc.). After all, this is something users will acknowledge. Examples you could use include: “Thank you for your purchase” and “Thank you for subscribing”. Underneath this title, you can tell them what will happen next or what the next step should be.

A gift to say thanks

You can treat thank you pages as an opportunity to say thanks with a gift. This could be handled in several different ways. You could offer them a discount code for use between certain dates, send them a free gift, like print this letter and you get a free coffee/dessert for the next reservation. By offering a small gift you are making a sincere effort to thank them for their reservation, while at the same time adding to the likelihood that they will return and make a reservation again.

Don’t leave social media behind

During a time when social media platforms are one of the most popular means of communication, having a presence in these platforms is crucial. But having accounts with limited or few followers won’t benefit anyone. You have to promote yourself in order to reach as many users as possible.
That’s why your thank you pages are the perfect place to encourage your leads to engage with your social media posts. Don’t just insert the corresponding icons and leave it there. Offer them the option to share your content across the different social media platforms and follow you on them.