1. Add dining rooms and areas
  2. Create tables: name, minimum and maximum guests, select booking length
  3. For large groups, create table groups


  • How to create dining areas and tables
  • How to merge tables / table groups
  • Collapsed in calendar
  • How to require select dining area
  • How to turn off dining area selection

How to create dining areas and tables

  • Add restaurant areas and rooms (at the bottom near the Save button) 
    More dining areas provide flexibility in controlling online reservations
  •  Select if you want allow online reservations for each area.
  • Priority means which dining area will be seated first (1 is highest priority)
  • Add tables in each area, then select number of guests and booking length for online reservations. 
  • Save you progress.


How to merge tables / table groups

Table groups allow to merge tables and accept larger parties. The system starts grouping tables when there are no suitable sized tables. 
  • On the right bottom corner of each dining area click “Create group”
  • Group appears on the bottom of dining area
  • Click and drag it up to a preferred place
  •  With a slight movement to the right, drag the tables into groups
  • Save

    Check the video on how table group works.

Collapsed in calendar

The Collapsed in Calendar function allows you to automatically minimise a dining room in your Reservation calendar, so only the dining room’s name displays. 

This is useful for seasonal dining rooms, such as your outside tables, as it collapses them in the interface when they’re not in use.

To expand it again, simply click on the dining room name or remove uncheck “Collapsed in calendar” in table management.


How to require select dining area

  • In your Tablein account, click Settings in the top right corner
  • then Open “Online reservations” in the sidebar menu.
  • Turn on “Allow client to choose dining room”.
  • By selecting this a new option will appear below “Require Client to Choose Dining Room”. Turn on this option.
  • Your guests will be required to select their dining room(s) during the first step of their booking on your widget.

Note: If you don’t turn on this function, tables will be selected automatically by the booking system (by dining room priority).

How to turn off dining area selection

If you have only one dining area, you can turn of dining room selection. In this case, simple turn of “Allow client to choose dining area”