Email notifications


  • Emails for guests
  • How to turn on feedback emails
  • Emails for staff
  • How to edit emails
  • How to add an active link to an email
  • How to add the cancellation link to an email
  • How to re-send an email
  • What to do if a guest doesn’t receive an email
  • How to add an image to confirmation emails

Emails for guests

After your guest makes a reservation, we will send a series of notifications by email. A confirmation will reassure your customers that their booking was successful.

Main emails for guests:

  • Confirmation email
    This email is sent instantly to your guests once a successful booking has been made (if reservation confirmation is set to automatic)
  • Reminder email
    This email is sent 48 hours before the customer’s visit (if reservation was made 3 and more days before reservation date).
  • Feedback email (optional)
    Email is sent 24 hours from reservation start time (if booking status was changed to ‘Arrived’)
  • Cancellation email
    This email is sent instantly after a booking is cancelled by a guest or the restaurant.
  • Prepayment email
    This email is sent instantly after a reservation is made, but only when advance prepayment is enabled. For phone reservations, this email is sent when the status is “Pending” and “Offer” is selected.
  • Pending email (when confirmation is set to manual guest)
    This email is sent instantly when a successful reservation has been made and there are more than X days left until reservation (if less than X days, guests receives a confirmation email instead).
  • Approval email (when confirmation is set to manual guest)
    This email is sent a number of days before the date of the reservation to remind customers to re-confirm their booking. You can set how many days in advance this is sent and the deadline or when a guest needs to re-confirm their booking. It is sent at the same hour that their reservation time begins


How to turn on feedback emails

  • Turn on “send feedback email to guests”
  • Select the circumstances in which you request that a guest leave feedback for your restaurant. For example, only when your Tablein rating is below five, (so you may improve your service), or always.


Feedback helps you understand what your guests are thinking and why the guest rated the restaurant the way they did.

Emails for staff

Tablein can keep you updated with your reservations as soon as they’re made. You can choose which staff emails you would like to receive:

  • When a new reservation is made
  • When a reservation is cancelled
  • When a guest leaves feedback


The system allows you to add an unlimited number of emails for these notifications. Separate email addresses with a comma.

How to edit emails

All email notifications sent to guests can be adjusted.

  • Open Email notifications.
  • At the bottom of the page, you’ll find editable text templates
  • Select language which you prefer to edit (all texts are by default)
  • Where is variable information such as date or time, you will see codes. The code list is at the bottom of the page
  • You can replace some codes such as restaurant name or phone number with text information

Note: Please be careful with the codes as you’re changing them as mistakes will not render the text correctly.


How to add an active link to an email

If you want to add an active link to your emails, you need to use the following code:

<a href=””>click here</a>

For example (in code):
For more information on our menu, please read <a href=””>HERE</a>.

For example (as guest will see it):
For more information on our menu, please read HERE.

Note: https:// is a must for a link. 

How to add cancellation link to email

If you want to add cancellation link your emails, you need to use this token code:

for example (as guest will see it):

If your plans change please click here to cancel your reservation.

example with code:

If your plans change, please <a href=”[node:reservation-cancel-link]”>click here</a> to cancel your reservation


How to re-send confirmation email

If the guest has called you to change the date, time or number of guests, you can change the information and forward a new confirmation email. Also, if the client didn’t receive the confirmation email, then you can re-send it.

However, before you do, double-check that their email address is correct. Even if a guest entered the email address themselves, they sometimes make mistakes.

  • Open the reservation you want to adjust
  • Change the information (email, guest, date, time)
  • Select re-send (at the bottom of the reservation window)
  • Click Save.

What to do if a guest doesn’t receive an email

An email and text message (optional) is sent instantly on booking with confirmation details. But if you or your guest do not receive this within the five minutes, advise them to follow these steps:

  • Check their junk/spam folder, in case their email provider has misdirected it here
  • Double-check that the email address is correct by calling the guest and asking them to repeat their details to ensure they have been correctly entered
  • If contact information was not correct, please fix it and re-send a confirmation email

Note: If the restaurant needs to manually confirm the reservation, the guest won’t receive any notification until the reservation is either confirmed or cancelled

How to add an image to confirmation emails?

Emails ads allow you to promote your services, upcoming events or special offers. You can also add a simple restaurant image by attaching it to the confirmation email. The recipient will be able to view your promotion and click to view more about it.

How to attach images to your emails:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Email notifications – Confirmation email ad
  • Find the image you would like to send (choose a file to locate it on your computer)
  • Click on the file name to select it
  • Additionally, you can add an active URL/hyperlink to your website or specific promotion page to offer your customers even more direct access
  • Click Save

The opening rate of confirmation emails is extremely high, therefore your advertising will receive a lot more attention.