How to Boost Table Reservations from Abroad?

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Customer Story

The Legend, Belgium

Our fine dining restaurant is located in a luxurious hotel so the vast majority of our guests tend to be guests of the hotel also. Originally, while our customers very often reserved their tables in advance, they were reserving tables through a variety of different channels. Unfortunately, having bookings coming in through so many methods meant that our paper reservation system was all over the place.

The Problem​

Reservations Came in from so Many Different Channels, and It Was Too Complicated to Keep Track of Them All Properly

  • Unfortunately we didn’t have a way of offering online reservations so while we were trying to present a high-class, luxurious image, we didn’t have the modern technology to offer the convenience needed to back it up.
  • Our reservations were time-consuming. We received bookings via email, Facebook messages, and phone calls, and our staff spent a lot of time in dealing with advance reservations when they should be taking care of the guests in the dining hall!
  • Many guests made reservations months in advance as they planned their trip to Riga and wanted everything in place. It was complicated to reserve tables so far in advance and keep the records clear. If the booking was set on a specific date in a few months, we must admit that mistakes were made from time to time. For a high-class restaurant, these mistakes are often unforgivable!
  • Reservations were flowing in from many online and offline channels, as well as from the hotel reception. To try and manage them, and synchronise them into one calendar was tricky to say the least.
  • If a booking request was made from someone living in a different time zone from us (by email or message), then they would often be left waiting too long for their confirmation if we happened to be closed when they sent in their request.
The Solution

Collective and Accessible Online Reservation System that Synchronised All Reservations Into One Calendar

We realised that an online reservation system was a must for our restaurant. We wanted an advanced tool that could automatically confirm reservations instantly, as well as offer other helpful features, and we chose Tablein. Implementing the Tablein booking system meant that from now on, we could smoothly accept bookings 24/7, from all around the world, and from all of our various booking channels.

The Result

100% Mistake-free Table Reservations and Increased Number of Bookings

  • The reservations that are made by all the different channels (email, Facebook, etc.) are now synchronized in one system, on one calendar. It’s not only convenient, but time-saving too.
  • The online system made it so much easier for the hotel too! We gave access to responsible administrators and now all the bookings that are made at reception are immediately registered on the calendar. We also get a notification about them immediately so we receive far fewer emails and calls.
  • The hotel agreed to add our “Book Now” button next to the description of our restaurant on their website. It was accepted by travellers right away. The vast majority of people that book a room in the hotel from the website also now make a reservation in our restaurant too!
  • Now that the bookings are automatically coming through the system, our staff members don’t have to spend time responding to as many calls, or replying to emails, giving them more time for our present customers.
  • We receive great feedback from our guests that love the fact that reservations can be made in their native language! Tablein is multilingual which makes the booking process very pleasant for most, and extremely important for other foreigners (who don’t speak English, French, Dutch or German).
  • We love to greet our guests by their names! By making the reservation online, a guest is asked to fill in their name so you know that you have the right information. Unfortunately, we must admit that in the case of phone reservations and messages, the names we took down were not always correct.

Top Tip by The Legend

  • Don’t forget to add the “Book Now” button, which links to the booking form and system calendar, to your website. It’s a crucial CTA step, stimulating the customer to take action – book a table right now!

The Legend experience sounds familiar? Deal with lack of consistency by implementing advanced Tablein system in your restaurant management.