To succeed in the 21st century, a business needs a website – and this applies as much to the restaurant trade as any other sector.

But there are an awful lot of bad websites out there, so you need to think carefully about your site and how your present your restaurant to the world. With a bit of thought and planning you can create a website that pulls in customers from far and wide.

Here’s the five ingredients you should put into the mix when cooking up your website:

Tell people what they need to know 

If someone is going to visit your website then they want information, so think about what they would want to know and make sure you cover all these bases. This could include things like the style of cuisine you cook, your menus, the story behind your restaurant, your location, and your prices.

Get snapping

People want to see what your restaurant looks like – inside and out – so take lots of snaps and put them up on your site. Make sure your restaurant looks attractive, bright and welcoming in all the pictures you use. People also want to know what your food looks like, so take pictures of some of your most delicious looking dishes and feature these on your site as well.

Talk about your team

A restaurant is a people business, so tell your customers about your team and what they do and display a picture of you all together and smiling. This makes your website – and your restaurant – warm, friendly and inviting and will make people want to visit you and meet the people they see online. 

Shout about your successes

Have you won any awards or competitions? Then tell your potential customers about them, as this proves your food is good. Equally, if you’ve had any glowing reviews from newspapers or magazines then include links to them so that people can read about what critics think of your food. Also, include great reviews from your ordinary customers – as everyone who enjoys a meal at your restaurant is a success story and can encourage others to try your food.

Display your booking app prominently

It’s not enough for people just to visit your website – you need them to book a table! So have your booking app displayed prominently on your site, thus making it as easy as possible for people to book with you.

We think a website is such a crucial part of running a business that we even offer a free web design service to any of our customers who don’t yet have one. You can see an example of a website we designed here.

And if you would like to try our booking app, then you can do so at no cost and with no obligation, as we offer a 14 day free trial. Just fill in the simple form below to try us for two weeks.

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