One of the most popular, and profitable, websites in the world is TripAdvisor – the site that rates hotels, restaurants and attractions according to the opinions of those that have visited them.

The success of TripAdvisor demonstrates the importance of what psychologists call ‘social proof’. This means the fact that the behaviour of others influences our own. TripAdvisor has done well because people want to read about the experience of others before they make a decision on where to book.

Your restaurant undoubtedly benefits from the power and reach of TripAdvisor as, assuming your reviews are good, people will book with you because they’ve read about the positive experiences of other diners.

But with a bit of thought you can use all your reviews – not just those from TripAdvisor – to boost your business and get more bookings.

Here’s how:

Ask your customers for their feedback

The most important thing to remember is that people want to give their opinion on your restaurant, as it’s a common human trait to share positive experiences with others.

So, all you have to do is ask for their opinion, which – if you are using a good online booking system – is an easy task. After someone books using your app, you then have his or her email address. Therefore, it is simple to send out a polite email asking for feedback on your restaurant. Most people will be happy to share their thoughts with you.

Boost your profile on TripAdvisor

You can also use email to ask customers to share their opinion on TripAdvisor, but a good online booking app will enable you to do this selectively and make sure it’s only your most satisfied customers that are asked to leave a review.

For example, you may only want to ask for TripAdvisor reviews from customers who have sent you a five-star rating via your own feedback system. The more sophisticated online booking apps will have a facility that enables you to automatically send a TripAdvisor invitation email to just these customers.     

Use good reviews wherever you can 

The benefit of a great review is that it encourages others to book with you. So, use your reviews wherever customers may see them.

The most obvious way of doing this is by using them on your website. This is a very easy thing to do – just pop them around your site’s pages and/or have a dedicated reviews page – yet will have a profound effect on the mind of your prospective customers. Good reviews can also have a very positive effect on the success of offline literature, such as print ads and flyers.

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