Built with tons of love for restaurant owners

We’re a bunch of highly motivated avid restaurant business enthusiasts.
Each of us has a firm background in the restaurant industry.

It all started in 2009 when we opened our very first restaurant. Sushi Express, as we affectionately named it, has grown the brand into a chain of 11 restaurants and in 2015 were awarded the accolade of Best Restaurant Chain Of The Year.  In 2012 we expanded our foray into the restaurant market by establishing Italian and French restaurants. Restaurants have remained  Top 3 according to Tripadvisor for 5 years in a row.

As the business grew, we began to struggle more with managing reservations. A headache all restaurant owners can relate to. So we tried many reservation management systems but most of them failed to meet our needs.  Back in 2012 we already set out to create our own fully featured table management and booking system. At the end of that same year we launched our application as the perfect all in one booking platform for small to medium sized restaurants. Since then we have enhanced the program by making improvements to design, expanding on its features, and boosting functionality.

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